“Since Chuck took over, all the thrills and excitement have just
disappeared! (But that's the way we want it: no more surprises).”
Rob Carson, Partner - Associated Economic Consultants Ltd.

“Clearpoint” has been a trusted and reliable partner over the years
providing skilled service at a moments notice. We’ve never had an
issue that didn’t get resolved. Chuck Young is competent, flexible
and easy to work with. Hiring “Clearpoint” for our bookkeeping needs
has been the smartest investment we’ve made!”
Joan Vincent, Owner - Vincent Group Workplace Consulting Ltd.

"With very little orientation, Chuck managed to step in, learn our custom
system and work seamlessly with our staff. He has become a valuable,
trusted and pro-active member of our team. I recommend him."
Greg Durst, President - VCR Print Company Ltd.

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